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Welcome to Cheap Shots Web Site! On our home page, we offer great deals on pet vaccine care that are vital to your pet's health. Why are we so unique? Because we want to be able to provide great service to our clients without having to reach DEEP into your  pockets  to pay an office visit for  just a few shots!! That Simple! We offer Fast & Friendly service and always have a smile. Right by your side, our promise to you is that if you come to us we will be sure your pet is receiving the proper vaccine care for you and your animals lifestyle. Your furry friends will be treated like family, for sure!

We service: Dogs and Cats, Puppies and Kittens. With our veterinarian on-site to service and also to answer questions.

DOGS: - Puppy Series, 4 in 1 , Distemper/Parvo, Bordatella, Lyme & Rabies Vaccines-

Deworming & On site Flea Control (Advantage or Frontline)

**NOW Avaliable FLU Vaccine for dogs**

Add a Bordatella Vaccine and Receive a Free Topical Flea Control*

 CATS: - FVRCP, Leukemia, & Rabies Vaccines

- Perform Leukemia/FIV Test

 - Deworming & On site Flea Control (Advantage or Frontline)-

**NOW AVALIABLE PureVax Rabies Vaccines**

We also implants microchips in dogs & cats!    

**Rabies Vaccine ONLY $10.00, Certificate Provided by Veterinarian**                               


You can visit us at The Tri-City Animal Shelter in Fremont Ca. 

Please click the LOCATION MENU tab to the left of the screen for times and dates. Hope to see you there!!

We are currently looking for contracting Veterinarians. If you are a owner of a potential clinic site please e-mail.                                       Se Habla Espanol                                       [ sharethis, 1990843 ]